look through my eyes.

~ Thursday, October 2 ~

Right now I take a stand, to be the best me
I can be.

I am going to give it all
My whole
And soul

Regardless of if that same energy is sent back to me or what,

I am finally
Starting to feel a balance

And can grab some thing it let go of, say goodbye to ones that must be left behind, and keep up with the current.

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I love who I am becoming,
But I can’t help but feel a giant loss,
Though I don’t regret it,
I wonder if others feel the loss of me.
Or if I’m faded and forgotten,
Or worse, a joke.

But I am going somewhere no one ever would have expected
From me.
And my life is so perfect and calming

My love bond is

I guess you’d expect that from me.

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~ Thursday, August 28 ~

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A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.
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I survived because the fire inside me burned brighter than the fire around me.
— Joshua Graham (via daydre-ams)

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If I die before I wake I pray The Lord my soul to take.

I will be better, I will strive to be better, for you.

~ Wednesday, August 6 ~

Even though you’ve lived a different life than mine, I do not look down on you or question you’re intelligence, I never want you to feel shame, and I always boast your esteem,
I love you,
But why do you always make me feel below you?

How can you make me feel beautiful in one night, but take it back the next day, and make me feel like a cheap whore,
Cause my skirts to short,
And my shirt rides too high

~ Wednesday, July 16 ~

I always thought I had all these special friendships with all these people. I get close to someone and I think we have a divine connections, but here I am today and I learn these feelings are one sided. Nothing is special. Nothing really mattered. And learning all those people from your past didn’t see you the way you saw them, can make you wonder, what about the people in your life today?
But no matter how many times I’ve been let down, I keep believing.
Because, someone has to.

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~ Sunday, July 13 ~

I’m upset that Nikki never talks to me, that Taylor threw away our friendship for someone who doesn’t give a fuck about her, that Vaekna doesn’t even have the respect to open the door and HAS PICTURES ON FACEBOOK OF HER WITH MY STUFF, that Tim isn’t currently next to me, that I tried so hard to be there for Vaenka and this is how she treats me, that Vince let go of me. That Moose was actually a shitty friend. That someone, probably Taylor told some girl I slept with I’m embarrassed at how much people used me. 

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~ Wednesday, June 11 ~

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we did

we did

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